Thursday, 28 June 2012

Whatever I've done...(Barrel of a gun, Depeche mode, Underworld)

When theyve all gone home... (M.Coupe)

Yes... Je sais.. this is old but after a long few days travelling this was a good way to end it... Well done Spain.. slight commiserations to Portugal, but I don;t think Ronaldos hair product and heaven staring was going to project that team to a semi final (no Christiano you couldn't do it all by yourself as god given as you might think you are)...

Anyway thought I might say hello and pop in this oldie but goodie.. I remember hearing Peter Tong play this a long long while back, and in my misguided stupidty thinking a phat beat would drop and we would all truck off into a dance heaven.... NO!.... thank God it didn't!... This Underworld remix became one of my most favorite Depeche Mode remixes ever (works anywhwere anytime). Barrel of a gun Soft remix!!!

Depeche Mode - Barrel Of A Gun (Underworld Soft Mix)

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Not gonna say too much more, but this has worked at 35 thousand feet half way round the world (havin a sresss) and at 1 foot (no stress) with the sea washing at my feet looking at the Southern Cross.....

Oh and Ok heres a Depeche Hardfloor mix of 'It no good' that will re-awake you from that wonderful funk, But not too much to know it wasn't worth it......

Its no good (Hardfloor mix)

Enjoi et j'espere ca Dieu C'est avec toi......

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Deep House is the new Deep House

Hey Peops hope your ok, well wanna say all is good, and house music seems to be healthy. The are lots of artists out there embracing old skool synths bleeps beeps and general squelchyness. Obviously globally there's still the sh$t commercial lets sample anything or ya X factor or whatever genus you have in your hood... I'm adding to house in my own way although have wandered off on a Deeper more purer house angle of late, but I think thats just what you do as a person over time. Interestingly read a post on a Yahoo answer for who are the best Deep house artists and the answerer bless had know idea and was wandering into allsorts of upfront stuff.. ouch..

 I'm assuming he or she was young and hasn't discovered Chicago or NY ( maters at work gods!) old skool we didnt have Cubase or logic just MS 20s, Moogs, Junos and 808's etc, and it made me think that you cant really say who are Deep House purists in truth, as I think if you write dance music and House then at some point you will do a no frills simplistic house track or remix, or dub, stripped down Ra ra ra, that in its essence is deep, you design it around a beat pattern that develops and progresses with a B-line and drop the occasional stab of fat chords that may be soft, carrying swirling huge waves of moodyness that just make you nod and whole body groove (cant you tell I'm listening to a track as I write!)Oh and emotive, chords, maybe a vocal or sample that lets the track wash over you...

Hey I dunno thats how I see deep house and aslong as it has a beat that keeps you snuggled up in it and doesn't make you jump to attention and go 'Oi what was that.. grr ' then its doin its job.. Heres two to let you go there... Probably.. well actually the first is my favourite Deep House track Global Communication - The Way fat as a 63 stone teenager!! .. old but Still a gorgeous track.... easily one of the best!!! Second is newerish Claude Von Stroke - Who's Afraid Of Detroit... and hes a F@@kin legend!!! ..


Global Communication - The Way

Claude Von Stroke - Whos afraid of Detroit

Friday, 30 March 2012

Crydamoure Waves II le knightclub.... DANSE!!!!

Howdy groovers, well thouht I'd at least post a nugget whilst goin frantic doin alsorts of digital frippery. I thought I'd drop this little compilation of frenchness from Monsieur Bangalter Et Al.. as the weathers getting better and you cant beat a bit of Les thump thump Filtre Maison!!!

Heres Crydamoure Waves II its pretty rare, as they stopped making it many moons ago, some dirty tea leaf never gave my copy back but managed to track it down state side would you believe to replace it. Its mixed but not obtrusively so you get the whole and nuthin but the whole of the track....

de tout facon, son au debut de cette
liste.... Enjoi

Crydamoure Waves II le knightclub

1Le Knight Club Rhumba
Written-By – E. Chedeville*, G.M. de Homem-Christo*
2Le Knight Club Nymphae Song
Written-By – E. Chedeville*, G.M. de Homem-Christo*
3Crydajam Playground
Producer, Written-By – E. Chedeville*, G.M. de Homem-Christo*, M. Nebinger*
4Archigram In Flight
Producer, Written-By – ArchypJM Mallart*
5Le Knight Club Mosquito
Written-By – E. Chedeville*, G.M. de Homem-Christo*
6Deelat Wetness Anthem
Written-By – D. Girier Dufournier*, E. Chedeville*, G.M. de Homem-Christo*
7Archigram Carnaval
Producer, Written-By – ArchypJM Mallart*
8Le Knight Club Soul Bells
Written-By – E. Chedeville*, G.M. de Homem-Christo*
9Play Paul Holy Ghosts
Written-By – Paul De Homem-Christo
10Archigram Mad Joe
Producer, Written-By – ArchypJM Mallart*
11Crydajam If You Give Me The Love I Want
Written-By – C. LacoutureE. Chedeville*, J C. Pellegrino*
12Crydajam Loaded
Written-By – E. Chedeville*, P. de Homem-Christo*
13Archigram Doggystyle
Performer – ArchypJM Mallart*Written-By – David Alexander*, Iggy PopRonald Asheton*, Scott AshetonWarner Towerlane
14Play Paul Spaced Out 2
Written-By – Paul De Homem-Christo
15Le Knight Club Palm Beat
Written-By – E. Chedeville*, P. de Homem-Christo*